Why Are Bracelets So Hard To Put On?

Bracelets are a great way to make a subtle fashion statement. But, unfortunately, they are also challenging to put on without help. So why exactly is this jewelry so challenging to get on?  Bracelets are so hard to put on because you only have one hand to fasten a tiny clasp. Some clasp types and … Read more

Can You Shower With a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

The term “tennis bracelet” was coined after the US Open tennis tournament in 1987 when the bracelet worn by Chris Evert, a famous women’s tennis champion, broke during her match. These bracelets are delicate, elegant, and expensive, so many owners keep them on to avoid losing them. But should you wear your diamond tennis bracelet … Read more

Can Bracelets Get Wet? What You Need To Know

A good piece of jewelry can effortlessly elevate an outfit–whether you’re off to a formal dinner or going for a dip at the beach. And who doesn’t want to look fab in a swimsuit, right? But when it comes to getting bracelets wet, there is always that worry that they could get damaged. Is it … Read more