Could a Fingernail Scratch a Diamond Ring?

We’ve all heard of the old adage about diamonds being forever, but the truth is that diamonds are not entirely invincible. However, does this mean something as minor and unassuming as a fingernail could actually scratch a diamond ring? It’s impossible to scratch a diamond ring with a fingernail. The Mohs’ Scale of Mineral Hardness … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make a Custom Ring?

Gifting someone a ring is always thoughtful, but it becomes even more special and sentimental if the jewelry is custom-made. Custom rings are a way to personalize jewelry to reflect your loved one’s uniqueness and style, but the process can take a bit longer than buying a ring as-is.  It takes somewhere between four and … Read more

How To Make Your Platinum Ring More Shiny

Diamond rings with platinum settings look gorgeous and are increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, they can start to appear dull over time due to everyday dirt and grime. Luckily, there are ways you can restore that shine and get your ring looking as beautiful as ever!  You can make your platinum ring shiny by cleaning it … Read more

Is Hand Sanitizer Harmful To Your Rings?

Have you ever wondered if common hand sanitizer applications could damage your rings? You’re probably aware of some basic ring care principles, but not everyone knows that hand sanitizers should be on the list of things to keep away from certain rings. Hand sanitizer can harm your rings when they contain denatured alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, … Read more

Is It Safe To Sell Diamond Rings Online?

Selling a diamond ring is a process that requires careful decisions to be made. Some people hesitate to sell their diamond pieces online, as it is a newer marketplace, especially for highly-valued jewelry. However, selling diamond rings online can be very safe and quick following some simple steps.  It is safe to sell diamond rings … Read more

12 Types of Rings That Can’t Be Resized

There’s no better feeling than having a ring that fits perfectly on your finger. However, sizing mistakes can sometimes leave you with a ring that’s too big or too small. Resizing is often the go-to solution in such situations, but that’s not always possible because some rings can’t be resized. The types of rings that … Read more

Why Are Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Bands?

Both engagement and wedding rings are symbols of commitment and love. However, if you go window shopping, you’ll realize that engagement rings cost a few thousand dollars more than wedding bands. What causes the price disparity? Engagement rings are more expensive than bands because they are usually made with more precious metals and gemstones than … Read more