12 Fake Stones That Look the Most Like Diamond

Are you curious to find out which imitation stones come closest to resembling an actual diamond? There’s no denying how expensive genuine diamonds can be, but you’ll be surprised to learn how many alternative stones share similar qualities. Moissanite is an imitation diamond that surpasses all other substitute stones because of its incredible resemblance to … Read more

Could a Fingernail Scratch a Diamond Ring?

We’ve all heard of the old adage about diamonds being forever, but the truth is that diamonds are not entirely invincible. However, does this mean something as minor and unassuming as a fingernail could actually scratch a diamond ring? It’s impossible to scratch a diamond ring with a fingernail. The Mohs’ Scale of Mineral Hardness … Read more

5 Reasons Salt and Pepper Diamonds Are So Expensive

When picking a gemstone for a piece of jewelry or a ring, many people are drawn to shiny white diamonds. However, these stones are often costly. Salt and pepper diamonds are increasing in popularity because of their lower price tag, but they can still be quite expensive.  Salt and pepper diamonds are expensive because demand … Read more

Do Salt and Pepper Diamonds Hold Their Value?

Salt and pepper diamonds offer an unconventional option for jewelry; as such, these gems have become increasingly sought after thanks to their uniquely speckled appearance. But do salt and pepper diamonds retain their value in the long term?  Generally speaking, these diamonds hold their value over time due to their distinctive appearance. But they’re still … Read more

How Much Do Diamonds Depreciate After Purchase?

Diamonds are often expensive when purchased from a retailer, but they lose much value as soon as they leave the jeweler. You may wonder how much diamonds depreciate after purchase and why they depreciate. Most diamonds depreciate by 20–60% immediately after purchase. Unfortunately, most people cannot sell their diamonds for as much as they bought … Read more

Is It Safe To Sell Diamond Rings Online?

Selling a diamond ring is a process that requires careful decisions to be made. Some people hesitate to sell their diamond pieces online, as it is a newer marketplace, especially for highly-valued jewelry. However, selling diamond rings online can be very safe and quick following some simple steps.  It is safe to sell diamond rings … Read more

Can a Broken Diamond Be Fixed? The Facts Explained

Diamond is one of the sturdiest stones humans have known, as proven by its 10 out of 10 ratings on the Mohs scale. They’re not unbreakable, though, with unfortunate chips appearing from time to time. If you’ve had that rare misfortune, you may be wondering whether you can get your broken diamond fixed.  Broken diamonds … Read more