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How To Keep Your Earrings From Falling Out (7 Ways)

Imagine it’s your big day– a birthday, wedding, or graduation, and you’ve put together the perfect outfit. You also have the cutest pair of earrings to complement the outfit, and you’re ready to step out and show the world. However, your perfect pair of earrings keeps popping out.  To keep your earrings from falling out, … Read more

How To Keep Fake Necklaces From Tarnishing

Fake necklaces can instantly add a touch of glamor to your look. However, because of the thin metal coating applied on them, they tend to tarnish easily, making them look unsightly. Fortunately, it’s easy to care for fake necklaces and keep them in good condition. You can keep fake necklaces from tarnishing by wearing them … Read more

12 Fake Stones That Look the Most Like Diamond

Are you curious to find out which imitation stones come closest to resembling an actual diamond? There’s no denying how expensive genuine diamonds can be, but you’ll be surprised to learn how many alternative stones share similar qualities. Moissanite is an imitation diamond that surpasses all other substitute stones because of its incredible resemblance to … Read more

Could a Fingernail Scratch a Diamond Ring?

We’ve all heard of the old adage about diamonds being forever, but the truth is that diamonds are not entirely invincible. However, does this mean something as minor and unassuming as a fingernail could actually scratch a diamond ring? It’s impossible to scratch a diamond ring with a fingernail. The Mohs’ Scale of Mineral Hardness … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make a Custom Ring?

Gifting someone a ring is always thoughtful, but it becomes even more special and sentimental if the jewelry is custom-made. Custom rings are a way to personalize jewelry to reflect your loved one’s uniqueness and style, but the process can take a bit longer than buying a ring as-is.  It takes somewhere between four and … Read more

5 Reasons Salt and Pepper Diamonds Are So Expensive

When picking a gemstone for a piece of jewelry or a ring, many people are drawn to shiny white diamonds. However, these stones are often costly. Salt and pepper diamonds are increasing in popularity because of their lower price tag, but they can still be quite expensive.  Salt and pepper diamonds are expensive because demand … Read more

Do Salt and Pepper Diamonds Hold Their Value?

Salt and pepper diamonds offer an unconventional option for jewelry; as such, these gems have become increasingly sought after thanks to their uniquely speckled appearance. But do salt and pepper diamonds retain their value in the long term?  Generally speaking, these diamonds hold their value over time due to their distinctive appearance. But they’re still … Read more

Why Do Necklaces Irritate Your Skin?

A necklace is a great accessory for anyone, whether it’s a fashion statement or a sentimental gift. However, some necklaces can be genuinely harmful to your skin, no matter how beautiful they might be. What causes necklaces to irritate your skin, and what can you do to keep wearing necklaces without your skin suffering? Necklaces … Read more

Is It Bad To Always Wear a Necklace? 

You’ve purchased a new necklace that’s so beautiful and flattering you want to wear it every day. However, you might have some concerns, whether related to the potential damage to the necklace or your health. Is it bad to always wear a necklace?  It isn’t bad to always wear a necklace, as long as you … Read more