How To Keep Fake Necklaces From Tarnishing

Fake necklaces can instantly add a touch of glamor to your look. However, because of the thin metal coating applied on them, they tend to tarnish easily, making them look unsightly. Fortunately, it’s easy to care for fake necklaces and keep them in good condition. You can keep fake necklaces from tarnishing by wearing them … Read more

Why Do Necklaces Irritate Your Skin?

A necklace is a great accessory for anyone, whether it’s a fashion statement or a sentimental gift. However, some necklaces can be genuinely harmful to your skin, no matter how beautiful they might be. What causes necklaces to irritate your skin, and what can you do to keep wearing necklaces without your skin suffering? Necklaces … Read more

Is It Bad To Always Wear a Necklace? 

You’ve purchased a new necklace that’s so beautiful and flattering you want to wear it every day. However, you might have some concerns, whether related to the potential damage to the necklace or your health. Is it bad to always wear a necklace?  It isn’t bad to always wear a necklace, as long as you … Read more

Why Do Necklace Clasps Always Move to the Front?

Necklaces allow us to express ourselves through fashion, which is an essential part of many people’s everyday outfits. However, the aesthetics can quickly get ruined when a necklace clasp continuously moves to the front of the neck. Necklace clasps always move to the front for a few possible reasons. There may not be enough weight … Read more

Will a Jeweler Untangle Necklaces for You?

We’ve all been there. You open your jewelry box to find that one necklace that you love, just to find that it is a knotted mess. After many minutes of unsuccessful untangling, you may wonder what options you have.  A jeweler will untangle a necklace for you. They have many tools for working with even … Read more