Why Are Diamond Cluster Rings So Cheap?

Diamond cluster rings are popular for their elegant and eye-catching designs. They are a great way to showcase multiple diamonds without breaking the bank. But why are diamond cluster rings so much cheaper than traditional single-stone rings?

Diamond cluster rings are cheap because they feature smaller diamonds set close together, giving the illusion of one large stone. These are lower in carat weight and require less cutting and polishing. Moreover, jewelers often use colored gemstones rather than white diamonds to lower the price.

While it may be hard to believe that such a stunning jewelry piece could be so cheap, there are several reasons why diamond cluster rings are so affordable. In this article, we’ll dive into these reasons in detail and also explore the disadvantages of purchasing a cheap diamond cluster ring.

Diamond Cluster Rings’ Pricing Explained

While this type of ring usually looks like it costs much more than it actually does, several factors make them affordable.

Cut and Carat Weight

The low price tag is the primary reason that diamond clusters use multiple small diamonds instead of one large diamond in their construction. In contrast, larger stones cost more because they weigh more and take longer to source from mines. These generally have lower carat weights than those used for solitaire or three-stone rings.

The amount of time and skill it takes to craft a diamond into its desired shape significantly affects its price. A well-cut diamond will reflect light more brilliantly and create more sparkle than a poorly cut one. That’s why the solitaires are so expensive!

With diamond cluster rings, multiple smaller stones, typically spare from an already cut large diamond, are set together in an arrangement. This reduces the overall cost compared with buying many separate diamonds with matching sizes, shapes, quality, and cuts.

Design Variations

Several small diamonds are arranged in a geometric pattern in these rings, creating the illusion of one much larger diamond. This means you don’t need to spend money on purchasing a single large diamond, which can be very expensive depending on its size and quality. 

Additionally, in a cluster ring, the diamonds are usually accentuated by the metal surrounding each piece. This serves to protect the diamond from any potential damage while making the ring more comfortable to wear. As a result, the overall quality of the ring is improved, and the diamonds will be protected from damage. 

The style of a diamond cluster ring is further enhanced by the fact that each stone is unique in shape and size. This is where you get the liberty to design your ring. Diamonds come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can choose whichever design suits your taste best without breaking the bank. 

In fact, you can even choose your diamonds to make the ring truly unique. You may want to use a diamond from an old jewelry piece or purchase the one you like best at the jewelry store.

The diamond cluster can be set in many different ways, from the traditional ring style to more contemporary designs. It can be worn on the index finger of either hand and looks equally stunning when paired with a matching band or another piece of jewelry, such as an engagement ring. 

Types of Settings

Since the setting does not need to be tailored around one large center stone, there is less work involved in creating these versatile designs in diamond cluster rings which also helps keep costs down. 

There are several types of settings, each with its own unique style. Whether you prefer the intricate detailing of pave diamond settings or the classic elegance of prong-set diamonds, there is sure to be something that fits your style and budget. 

A shared or traditional prong setting cluster ring may cost less than a pave setting, especially with multiple rows. The cost will vary again depending on the quality of the metal band.

Popularity and Demand

As one of the most popular types of jewelry available, diamond cluster rings have become an increasingly sought-after item in recent years. With more people looking to buy them, the demand has grown, and prices have dropped significantly. 

Diamond cluster rings are so cheap because they use many small diamonds instead of just one larger stone. This makes them more accessible for buyers on a budget, who can still get the look they desire without breaking the bank. 

But just because diamond cluster rings are cheap doesn’t mean they’re not pretty. Their popularity is because they have been possessions to innumerable Hollywood celebrities and the famous engagement ring of Princess Diana that Prince William used to propose to Kate Middleton!

Disadvantages of Purchasing a Cheap Diamond Cluster Ring

When shopping for diamond jewelry, many people are drawn to the lower prices of cluster rings. However, there are several disadvantages to purchasing a cheap diamond cluster ring over a solitaire that should be considered before making this purchase. 

  • Cluster rings often contain many small diamonds with low clarity and color grades. Even if the stones in your cluster ring turn out to be real diamonds, their low quality means they will not have much resale value or sparkle appeal. 
  • Cheaper pieces of jewelry may be made with inferior materials such as plated metal or synthetic stones instead of precious metals and real diamonds. These materials can tarnish quickly and lack durability compared to higher-quality materials. 
  • It is also important to be aware that some sellers may try to pass off cubic zirconia or other synthetic stones as natural diamonds to keep the price tag low. In actuality, these cost much less than the precious diamond that you hope to own.
  • Some discount retailers offer clusters composed of very small diamonds as the centerpiece, giving the illusion of one large stone when viewed from a distance. These tiny stones may be difficult to recognize as diamonds unless examined under magnification by an expert gemologist. 
  • Finally, the most crucial disadvantage of these rings is that they may be harder to resize, as the diamonds are held together by a metal band. Owners often find it difficult to repair or resize their cluster rings in most local jewelry shops. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase jewelry from a reputable jeweler and have your purchase’s authenticity verified by an expert.

If you’re considering buying a cheap diamond cluster ring, it’s essential to do your research and consider what kind of price range you’re comfortable with before making your purchase. 

Pro Tip: You can do the ‘shake test’ while choosing a diamond cluster ring. Just hold it up to your ear and shake it vigorously. If you hear a rattling sound or feel something wiggling in the ring, you should discard the ring or the shop, for that matter!

What To Look Out for When Buying a Diamond Cluster Ring

Here are some tips to look for when shopping for a diamond cluster ring: 

  • Make sure that the diamonds are of good quality. It is important to check that they have no visible inclusions and are graded appropriately, as this will determine how much sparkle they have. Check for inclusions and blemishes that could reduce the value of each stone.
  • Consider the metal used in the setting. Some metals may tarnish over time or cause skin irritation if it comes into contact with your skin too often. Be sure all prongs securely hold each stone in place, so they don’t become loose over time. 
  • Always ask questions about the certified quality of the diamonds. Ensure you receive an appropriate certificate from a reputable dealer when purchasing your cluster ring. 

At the end of your search, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of beautiful diamond cluster rings that will last for years to come. 


Diamond cluster rings are an increasingly popular choice among brides and grooms looking for a unique and affordable engagement. But why exactly are diamond cluster rings so cheap? The answer lies in the nature of the stones used to make them. 

By using several small diamonds (generally low-quality diamonds or fancy gems) instead of one large diamond, manufacturers can significantly reduce costs while still providing buyers with stunning jewelry pieces. 

For those searching for a high-quality diamond cluster ring on a budget, look for all the qualities discussed in this article. 

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