Which Diamond Cut Looks the Biggest? A Simple Answer

Whether you’re looking for a ring for your significant other or just want to know the types of diamonds to look for in your next jewelry purchase, you can find diamond cuts that look larger than others. This can help you save money and show off your diamond to others better. 

Marquise diamond cuts look the largest out of every cut. Some others also look quite large, like pear, oval, and emerald cuts. So, if you want the largest-looking diamond, these are great options for you to consider. 

Let’s talk more about choosing the right diamond cut and what should factor into your decision. 

How To Choose the Best Diamond Cut

There are many different things to consider when choosing the right diamond cut. So, let’s discuss some specific things to consider and how they can impact your decision. 

Finger Size

Certain cuts of diamonds look better on certain finger sizes. We all have different sizes and shapes when it comes to our fingers. So, you shouldn’t consider rings a one-size fits all approach. 

Those with short fingers should look for a cut that can help elongate their finger. Ovals, marquise, and pear-shaped rings can do this very well. The unique shape of these cuts provides the illusion of a much longer finger than you may have. 

Those with wider fingers should also consider pear and marquise cuts, as they can help make your finger look smaller. In the case of a wide finger, larger diamonds can help make the finger look thinner and smaller than it actually is. 

You should consider rings with two or even three diamonds if you have large fingers. This adds extra space to make your finger look smaller while being easier to find and afford than one significantly large diamond. 


The most important part of choosing a ring is choosing one you can afford. So, you need to consider the price of each cut before deciding on the one you want. Round-cut diamonds are the most expensive cuts out there because of the cutting and shaping process of the diamond. 

Round diamonds are not only the most expensive because of the cost of cutting, but also they tend to show their true size more than other options. Looking at pear, marquise, and oval shapes, you can see how the diamonds will look even bigger than they actually are because of their unique shape. Round cuts do not have a unique shape that allows them to look bigger. 

Other cuts vary some in pricing, but none reach the price of a round cut. The most affordable option overall for diamond cuts is the cushion cut. This is because they remove such a small amount of the original diamond from this style. So, you get most of the original diamond shape, making it the best overall value out there. 


When choosing the right diamond cut, one factor that we often forget about is the edge. Sharp edges on a diamond can catch on your fabric while wearing it. Those with sharp edges may also be more likely to chip or break if you hit the edge of it. Understanding that the edges may become a problem is vital in choosing the right ring. 

Square, rectangular, and emerald cuts are more prone to chipping and getting caught on things. So, you need to consider this before choosing a cut, as snagging, chipping, and breaking a diamond can cost you money in repairs. 

If you want to avoid issues with edges, choose a round cut or even a cut with rounded edges like a cushion compared to others with harsh edges. If you still want a cut with edges, you are not alone. In fact, many jewelry companies use prongs to help protect diamond edges to keep them from being damaged. 


Jewelers weigh diamonds in carats. Before deciding on a cut, you should have a general idea of the carat you are looking for. Relying only on the cut or the weight of the ring is not a good idea. Ultimately, the weight and the shape should work together to create the right look for you. 

Before you decide on a weight for your ring, we recommend checking out different shapes in the same weight. You will notice how different the marquise cut will look from the princess cut, even in the same carat, for example. So, don’t focus only on the weight when choosing a diamond. 

Which Diamond Cut Looks the Smallest?

If you want a small-looking diamond, the asscher, princess, and cushion cuts all have a small diameter and look small compared to other cuts. These look the smallest because of their square shape, which doesn’t allow much illusion to create a larger-looking cut. 

Plenty of other cuts are technically smaller than these square cuts, but the different shapes allow the cuts to appear larger. So, the basic square shape of those cuts doesn’t offer what the other more intricate shapes do when it comes to looking bigger than they are. 

With these cuts, you will need to buy larger diamonds to compensate for the smaller-looking shapes. This can end up costing you a lot more money for these shapes. So, consider some different shapes if you want something that looks a little bigger. 

Princess cuts look the largest out of the three smallest options simply because they kept their pointed edges. This adds to the diagonal length of the cut, which can help elongate it. Though, you should not choose princess or the other square options if you want it to look bigger than it is. 

Choosing a Diamond Cut

Now that we know the specific characteristics to look for in a diamond cut let’s go into more detail about each cut option to help you choose the right one for you. 


Marquise diamond cuts look the biggest compared to other styles at the same carat. It is similar to an oval but thinner and more elongated. This makes the diamond look huge in comparison because of the large pointed ends. This cut is expensive, but it is not the most expensive. It is a great middle option. 

The marquise is a very old-fashioned cut that some believe is no longer in style. We disagree. This is a beautiful cut that looks huge on any finger. So, we highly recommend this cut for those who don’t mind a classic look and want something unique. 


Oval cut diamonds are similar to marquise but without the sharp edges. They are great if you want something that looks big but won’t get caught on anything as it doesn’t have edges. These are a great alternative to the expensive round diamonds as they have many of the same benefits without the high price tag. 

Oval-cut diamonds can have uneven light distribution depending on the quality of the diamond you buy. Also, oval-cut diamonds tend to come with prongs to help protect the diamond in case of accidents. It is one of the safest rings to buy if you want to avoid snagging, chipping, or breaking. 


Another one of the biggest-looking diamond cuts, the emerald, has a unique rectangular shape that looks pristine and sophisticated. This cut looks like the marquise with fuller sides and four softened corners. The lack of sharp edges will help it not catch or chip away as much. 

You won’t need a high weight with emerald cuts to get the look of a bigger diamond. Not only is this cut long, but it is also very clear. Many people like how emerald cuts look so angular and uniform compared to other cuts. This cut is very reflective and pristine. Some merchants even make this cut in a square option if you prefer that over the traditional rectangular shape. 


Pear is another large cut that can help your ring look bigger. This cut has a large rounded bottom and a sharp, sleek point on top. Like marquise and oval shapes, this cut can help elongate your fingers. Pear-cut diamonds also have a similar reflection to round cuts, making them look more vibrant than other cuts. 

The sharp point at the top of the pear cut may catch or chip like other sharp cuts are prone to. However, prongs can help keep it secure, and it only has one point where others have more. So, you are less likely to snag this cut on something than those with more than one sharp edge. 


The heart cut gives you one sharp edge, which may get caught on things or chip over time. But the unique design is very eye-catching and different from other more popular cuts. This cut does not look the biggest because of its unique shape, but it is still quite appealing. 

One thing that heart cuts have going for them is a ton of sparkle. Because the design is so intricate, each part of a heart cut shines brightly. One major downside to this cut is that the shape can get lost if the diamond is not big enough. This means that a small heart cut can look more like a round or oval cut, as the indentation at the top can be difficult to notice. 


Princess cuts are very popular and can give you the intense shine of a round cut without the high price tag. This cut has four sharp edges. So, it is easy to get caught on materials and even chip. If you choose a princess cut, you need to make sure that you are careful with it, as the prongs will only protect the diamond so much. 

The square shape creates a surface that looks large, even if you can’t afford a huge diamond. Ultimately, you can save money by choosing this cut over something like a round cut, as princess cuts aren’t as challenging to construct. 


Cushion cuts are very similar to princess, but they have smoother edges that help you not chip the edges as quickly. You must be careful when shopping for this cut, as not every jeweler cuts them properly. So, know what you are looking for before you begin your search. 

If you find a well-cut cushion, you are in for a treat. This cut offers a trendy, large, and bright diamond that can look a lot more expensive than it actually is. If you are more likely to be rough with your ring, we recommend the cushion cut over the princess, as the smooth edges will be harder to chip. 


Finally, the most expensive option is the round cut. This cut offers a vibrant, unique, shiny diamond every time, but many questions if it is worth the high price. Ultimately, the round is a safe bet if you want something beautiful and unique that looks great on any size finger. 

The high price isn’t the only thing to watch out for with this cut. If you are looking for a round-cut diamond, you need to make sure the jeweler does not cut the diamond too long or too shallow, as this can greatly affect the brilliance of the diamond. If you notice the diamond is not as shiny as others, you may have seen this could be due to how they cut it. 

With no edges to catch on materials or chip, the round is a great cut for those who are a little rough on their jewelry. While the price is high, it can be worth it if you want something unique, brilliant, and difficult to damage. 

Final Thoughts

While some diamond cuts look larger or smaller than others, there are many important factors to consider before deciding on a cut. The cut should not only look big but also fit well with your lifestyle. 

Those who are more likely to chip their diamond or get it caught on something should avoid cuts with sharp edges. But remember that round cuts are the most expensive. Consider every factor before making your purchase to ensure the diamond will last.

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