How Long Will an Engagement Ring Typically Last?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a ring or just got one, you may be wondering how long it will last. While there isn’t a solid answer on exactly how long your ring will last, there are ways to predict how long you can use it before a replacement is necessary.

While real diamonds do not have a set expiration date, your ring will last as long as you take care of it. Exposing your ring to harsh chemicals can break it down over time, and diamond rings can chip and crack easily if you aren’t careful.

Let’s get into more detail about how long your engagement ring will last and ways you can take care of it.

How To Preserve an Engagement Ring

Hearing that your engagement ring does not have an expiration date is often met with a sigh of relief. But just because your ring can last forever doesn’t mean that it will. You will need to put in the proper effort to preserve your ring. So, let’s review some things you can do to help your engagement ring last as long as possible. 

Avoid Chipping the Ring

If you aren’t used to wearing rings or the diamond is a little bulkier than anticipated, you may accidentally hit the ring on things. If you aren’t paying attention, you can easily knock it against surfaces, especially when you are busy with a task and not being very careful. 

Chipping your ring is easier than it seems, as we use our hands so much throughout the day. They also become easier to chip the sharper corners they have. Shapes like marquise, princess, baguette and other similar cuts are more likely to chip at the sharp corners, making them more susceptible to damage. 

The best way to avoid chipping is to either purchase a ring with rounded edges or simply be careful not to bump the sharp edges on surfaces when wearing your ring. Of course, we aren’t usually very careful with our hands throughout the day. So, it may be something you need to practice. 

Keep You Engagement Ring Clean 

To help your ring last as long as possible, you need to keep it clean. Thankfully, there are ways for you to clean the ring without handing it over to a professional every week. Remember, you should always avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your engagement ring, as they can damage it. 

The best way to clean your ring at home is to soak it in warm water and dish soap for about 30 minutes once a week. This will help remove dust, dirt, and grime accumulating as you wear it. Not only is this important for the longevity of the ring, but it also helps your engagement ring to maintain its shine. 

If soaking in the soap and water mixture doesn’t quite do the job, you can also clean the ring by using a soft bristle brush, like a toothbrush, to scrub it. Remember not to use anything too rough, as you may scratch the diamond. Use this in combination with the soapy water for the best possible clean, and repeat once a week or as necessary to help your ring last. 

Take It Off

If you have an engagement ring, you probably never want to take it off. The best way to keep your ring from getting damaged and allow it to last for many years to come is to know when to remove it. We do so many things every day that can cut the life of our rings short. 

You should take your ring off whenever you use any product that isn’t gentle dish soap. This means showering and even applying moisturizer, as the chemicals in soaps and moisturizers can affect the diamond. You may not notice the effect immediately, but these products can wear down your ring over time or remove the shine by adding a dull film. 

To prevent bending and chipping, you should also remove your ring when you are doing any strenuous physical activity. While swimming is a more obvious time to remove your ring, hitting the gym can also cause damage. As you sweat, grip weight, or hold on to the bar on the treadmill, you risk bending and damaging your ring. So, always remember to take it off before exercising. 

Finally, you should remove your engagement ring when cooking. You may work with raw ingredients, oils, and other materials that can harm your ring as you cook. First, if raw meat comes in contact with your ring, you must wash it thoroughly to ensure you remove the bacteria. 

Alternatively, grease, oil, butter, and many other things we cook with can affect your ring. Though they may not damage it permanently, they can easily get on your ring, dulling the shine until you clean it thoroughly again. Ultimately, wearing your ring while cooking just isn’t worth the risk. 

Insure Your Engagement Ring

Even carefully taking care of your ring is not a way to guarantee it will last forever. So, many people choose to insure their engagement ring in case anything happens. This is one of the best ways you can protect your purchase. While there are many different insurance options out there, they are all relatively cheap and usually require a low yearly payment. 

Insurance for your engagement ring can help you not have to pay out-of-pocket for damages, but it can also help you replace it if it is lost or stolen. This is something worth considering if you have an expensive ring or think you may be prone to damage it. 

When shopping for insurance, it is a good idea to make sure they offer repairs or a replacement for damages, as some coverage focuses more on theft. With insurance, you can feel a little more relaxed when wearing your ring throughout the day. 

Final Thoughts

Engagement rings do not have a set time to last. Diamonds can last as long as we preserve them. So, the best way to get your ring to last forever is to take good care of it. Clean your ring regularly, take it off when doing something that could damage it, and don’t forget insurance as a backup plan.

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