This Is How Long an Engagement Ring Cleaning Takes

Regular cleaning of your engagement ring is essential in keeping it sparkling and beautiful, but It’s not just a matter of aesthetics. Regular cleaning will also help preserve the metal and stones of your ring, maximizing its durability. 

Engagement ring cleaning takes between a minute and an hour, depending on the type of ring and the level of cleaning required. Cleaning a diamond ring may take a little longer than other rings since diamonds are harder to clean.

Your ring may require a more thorough cleaning if it has become tarnished or is covered with dirt and grime. Let’s dive in and explore the various steps of cleaning your engagement ring to help you determine how long it will take.

How Are Engagement Rings Professionally Cleaned?

Engagement rings are professionally cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning machines that use sound waves to dislodge dirt and grime from the ring’s setting in a process that takes one to twenty minutes. 

Although it is not recommended to use ultrasonic cleaners on certain gemstones like pearls and opals, it is perfectly safe for diamonds. 

Once the ring has been ultrasonically cleaned, a professional jeweler will hand-polish the band and setting to restore its brilliance. Depending on how much dirt has built up on the ring, this process can take anywhere from five to twenty minutes. 

After polishing, the ring is steam-cleaned to remove any remaining dirt or grime, which takes another two to five minutes. 

In total, professional cleaning of an engagement ring should take 20 to 40 minutes

For the ultimate sparkle, some jewelers also offer a diamond recutting service. This lengthy process takes 3-4 hours and involves cutting the diamond to remove any imperfections or damage that may have occurred over time. Although it can be lengthy, recutting the diamond will help restore its sparkle and shine.

To ensure your engagement ring continues to look stunning, it is important to get it professionally cleaned every year or two. With the right care, your ring can last a lifetime. 

How To Home Clean Your Engagement Ring

If you don’t want to take your ring to a professional jewelry cleaner, you can clean it yourself

You’ll need a few simple tools for the job:

  • Mild dish soap
  • Soft-bristled toothbrush
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Soft cotton cloth

How to do it:

  1. Start by filling the bowl with warm water and adding a few drops of mild dish soap. Stir the mixture with your finger to ensure everything is properly mixed.
  2. Place your engagement ring in the bowl, ensuring it is completely submerged. Let it soak for half an hour to get any dirt off the surface of the ring.
  3. Scrub the ring with the toothbrush. Take your time, and move the brush in a circular motion around the stone, band, and settings.
  4. Make sure to scrub the back of the ring as well. If your ring has a lot of detail, get into the crevices.
  5. Rinse the ring off with lukewarm water. Afterward, pat it dry with the cotton cloth, and you are done.

If you choose to go the DIY way, it’s best to clean your engagement ring at least once every two to four weeks to keep it looking its best and reduce the buildup of dirt, dust, and oils. 

Maintaining Your Engagement Ring Between Cleanings

You can do a few simple things at home to keep your engagement ring looking its best in between professional cleanings. Here are some tips to help extend the life of your engagement ring:

Store the Ring in a Safe Place

Your engagement ring is a valuable piece of jewelry, and you should store it somewhere safe when you’re not wearing it. You can use a jewelry box lined with a soft cloth or a jewelry pouch. Avoid placing it where it can contact other jewelry and hard surfaces that can scratch the metal. 

Remove the Ring When Doing Household Chores

We know it’s tempting to keep your engagement ring on all the time, but it’s best to take it off before doing household chores. Contact with household cleaners and chemicals can damage the ring’s metal and gemstones. Removing the ring before doing chores will help protect it from being scratched, damaged, or discolored.

Wipe the Ring With a Soft Cloth After Taking It Off

When you take off your engagement ring, wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or residue. A lint-free cloth is best, as it won’t leave behind any stray fibers. You can use a special jewelry cleaning cloth or even a cotton cloth. Just make sure to avoid harsh scrubbing, which can cause scratches.

Don’t Wear the Ring During Physical Activities

It’s best to remove your engagement ring before engaging in any kind of strenuous physical activity. Physical activity presents the risk of hard impact, which can cause damage to the ring. Sweat can also make it easy for the ring to slip off. 

Taking the ring off during these activities is the best way to keep it safe and secure.

Visit a Professional Jeweler

Even if you take great care of your engagement ring, it’s essential to visit a professional jeweler for a deep clean and an inspection for signs of wear and tear. 

Professional jewelers have the tools and knowledge to properly inspect your engagement ring, which will help ensure it stays in the best condition possible. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your ring looking beautiful for years to come. 

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your engagement ring isn’t difficult, but doing it as often as needed is important. Taking the time to regularly clean and inspect your ring will help it last a lifetime. Make sure you take off your engagement ring before strenuous physical activity and household chores and store it safely when you’re not wearing it. 

And be sure to visit your local professional jeweler for regular maintenance checks. With proper care and maintenance, your engagement ring will look as beautiful as the day you said, “I will.”

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