How to Get Used to Wearing an Engagement Ring: 6 Steps

Your long-awaited moment has finally arrived. You’re engaged, and you couldn’t be happier! All you need to do now is get your engagement ring sorted, but how do you get used to wearing it? 

You can get used to wearing an engagement ring by choosing a comfortable style and metal. A lower band weight and width can also help. Consider wearing your engagement ring for short periods initially and placing it on your right ring finger if you’re left-handed.  

In this article, I’ll discuss the points mentioned above in greater detail. I’ll also provide some alternatives to an engagement ring. 

1. Choose a Comfortable Style and Metal

If you’re not accustomed to wearing rings, it might take some time to get used to wearing your engagement ring. In such cases, it can help if you choose a comfortable ring style, fit, and metal. 

Heavier rings will take longer to get used to, and a ring’s weight is affected by the following: 

  • Precious metal used. Gold is the most popular precious metal for engagement rings, and you can opt for white, rose, or yellow gold. However, some people find it heavy. In such cases, titanium might be a better option because it’s lighter than gold. 
  • Ring width and depth. Choosing a low-width and depth ring can feel more comfortable. However, depending on your chosen stone and cut, your engagement ring band may have a minimum width and depth requirement to support it. Chat to your jeweler or designer about this. 

For a more comfortable fit, consider a comfort fit band, which has softer and more rounded edges. With their rounded edges, these rings are less likely to cut into your finger when you move it. 

2. Choose the Correct Size

How well your engagement ring fits is also vital in how comfortable it feels on your finger. Once you’ve chosen your style, metal, and stone cut, have your ring finger professionally measured. 

This is well worth the effort, time, and cost because, after measuring your finger, your jeweler will take other factors into account to recommend the perfect size. One of these is temperature fluctuations (cold weather can make your finger shrink slightly, while hot weather can cause it to swell a little). 

A ring that’s too big will quickly become annoying as it will constantly slide around your finger. In the worst-case scenario, it may slip off your finger, causing you to lose your engagement ring. Your engagement ring is too big if it slides off your finger when you shake your hand. 

On the other hand, an engagement ring that is too small and tight will also feel uncomfortable, and you may feel pinching. It will also be difficult to take on and off.

3. Wear Your Engagement Ring for Short Periods Initially 

If you’re not used to wearing rings, suddenly wearing one 24/7 can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. A better approach is to wear your engagement ring for short periods initially, such as when you go out. After a few hours, take your ring off, put it in a safe place, and take a break. 

Start with a few hours a day and slowly increase the wearing time. Eventually, you’ll wear the ring the whole day without even noticing, and you may even feel undressed without it.

4. Wear Another Ring Temporarily

Are you still waiting for your engagement ring to be made but eager to get used to wearing it? While you wait, consider wearing another suitably sized ring on your ring finger.  

As mentioned in the previous point, wear it for a few hours a day at first, and then gradually increase how long you wear it. 

5. Place Your Ring on the Other Hand

Engagement rings are traditionally placed on the left hand. However, if you’re left-handed, this may interfere with your daily activities, such as writing, typing, and doing household chores. 

However, there’s no rule stating that you absolutely must wear it on your left ring finger. To increase your comfort when wearing your engagement ring, consider wearing it on your right hand instead. This might be a more practical solution for you.    

6. Customize Your Ring

Your engagement ring is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your life because it’s a piece of jewelry that you’ll likely wear for the rest of your life. With this in mind, it’s worth chatting to your jeweler about the perfect engagement ring for you based on your preferences. 

Some factors to consider include: 

  • Metal type
  • Stone type and cut 
  • Band style, width and weight
  • Level of comfort required

Your jeweler will then recommend some suitable designs that will feel comfortable on your finger but also look beautiful. 

Alternatives to Wearing an Engagement Ring

While many cannot wait to flash their new engagement ring, some cannot fathom the whole idea. If you don’t think you will get used to wearing an engagement ring, consider these excellent alternatives: 

  • Ring necklace. This is a sweet alternative to an engagement ring and is perfect if you can’t wear a ring to work or hate having jewelry on your fingers. Many couples who choose this option engrave a wedding band with a meaningful message and then place it on a high-quality gold or silver chain. 
  • Charm bracelet. This is a great way to add some individuality. The sentiment will continue to grow as you add on future milestones together. A charm could commemorate your first home, first trip, new baby, or anniversary, for example.
  • Locket. A classic twist is wearing a locket. Steeped in tradition, you can add something to keep inside, like a picture. A locket is a very romantic gift as well.
  • Eternity band. Although an eternity band is still a ring, you can wear it in place of an engagement ring and wedding band. Eternity bands are easy to personalize, and you can embed precious stones around the band, engrave them with a special message, and even wear matching bands. 

Final Thoughts

Becoming engaged is one of life’s most significant moments. When that moment comes, an engagement ring is typically presented. Most are excited and love the prized possession; however, some are not.

If you’re not used to wearing rings, the tips in this article should help you become accustomed to wearing your engagement ring in no time. 

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