Can You Wear Just an Engagement Ring and Not a Band?

With celebrities flashing their engagement rings and wedding bands on social media, it’s easy for us to take our cues from them on how we wear our engagement and wedding rings. But if you personally prefer to wear just an engagement ring and not a wedding band, is that a no-no? Or is it perfectly acceptable in society today?

You can wear just an engagement ring and not a wedding band. There are no rules that dictate how we are supposed to wear these symbols of marital commitment. So you can either wear an engagement ring or wedding band alone, stacked together, or even neither of them, should that work best for you.

If you’ve found The One and are happily married, you might be thinking of hiding your wedding band in a safe place and wearing just your engagement ring. Maybe it’s because you like your engagement ring better or just don’t like the feel of stacked rings. We’ll talk about all that in the rest of this article.

Is It Socially Acceptable To Wear Just an Engagement Ring and Not a Band?

It is socially acceptable to wear just an engagement ring and not a wedding band. Although it has become more common for women to stack their engagement and wedding rings together, it’s not actually a rule that everyone has to follow. 

So if you prefer wearing just your engagement ring, you can do so without getting any weird looks from people around you. Everyone has their specific way of wearing their jewelry, and you don’t have to change yours just because a lot of people on social media are doing it a certain way.

Also, it may be helpful to note that stacking jewelry is a recent style that jewelry makers capitalize on: The more jewelry people wear at once, the better for them! 

But if you’re a simple, minimalist type of gal who just adores their engagement ring so much that it’s all you want to wear, go ahead! You should enjoy your ring the way you want to.

Reasons Why Women Wear Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Together

But why do women actually wear their engagement rings and wedding bands on the same finger? It is actually a tradition that has been around for centuries, ever since women started wearing engagement rings as a sign of betrothal to someone they love. 

In fact, the first wearing of an engagement ring aside from a wedding band goes back to 1477 with Mary of Burgundy.

That being said, many couples choose to forego the engagement ring and go straight to purchasing wedding bands. There is no rule that people must follow, regardless of culture, race, or religion, that dictates how these rings are meant to be worn–aside, of course, from which finger they should be on.

Expectations From Society

Because wearing engagement rings and wedding bands together is a longstanding tradition for married women, society has come to expect women to wear both of these rings after the wedding ceremony. 

However, it remains to be a tradition that is loosely followed, and women all over the world do wear their rings however they like. As a matter of fact, some women even take off either of these rings for reasons like work or extreme sports. 

Sentimental Value

Women also wear both their engagement and wedding rings together for their sentimental value. It’s natural for women to want to hold on to precious moments, like a surprise proposal or an intimate wedding. 

And surely, that’s what rings are for, aren’t they? They’re meant to be both a symbol of the commitment that you made and a reminder of the most beautiful moments in your life. 


Stacking engagement and wedding rings on top of each other is also a matter of style. Some women even pick their wedding bands to complement their engagement rings, while others do have custom bands made so that both rings match each other perfectly.

When It’s Okay To Wear Just an Engagement Ring

Are you thinking of wearing just your engagement ring? There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Aside from you can wear your rings the way you like, here are other times when it’s perfectly okay to do away with the wedding band and wear your engagement ring alone.

Your Engagement Ring Is Also Your Wedding Ring

Some couples like to be practical. And one of the most common ways that couples do that is by going straight to the wedding bands and not buying an engagement ring. Other couples go for an engagement ring but then don’t buy a wedding band for the bride anymore. After all, what matters most is the marriage and not the ring on your finger, right?

You Prefer It That Way

If you don’t like stacking rings and would rather wear just your engagement ring, you can definitely do so. Wearing multiple rings on one finger can understandably make some people feel uncomfortable.

Besides, not wearing a wedding band doesn’t diminish your commitment or make you less of a married woman.

You Don’t Work With Your Hands Often

Another very practical instance when it’s advisable to wear just your engagement ring is when you don’t get your hands dirty often. Women who like gardening, doing DIY projects, or painting have a higher chance of ruining their diamond rings.

You Don’t Do a Lot of Sports

If you’re not the sporty type and you don’t do much swimming or sweat it out at the gym a lot, it’s okay to wear just your engagement ring. Extreme sports and prolonged exposure to sweat can diminish the luster of your engagement ring. What’s worse, you may lose your precious ring in the water or while doing extreme sports.


There really are no rules regarding whether you should wear both your engagement ring and wedding band together or even if you should wear any of these at all. So the bottom line always is to do whatever you’re most comfortable with–whether that’s stacking both rings on top of each other, wearing only either one of them, or wearing more than two rings at once. 

You do you.

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