Why Do Girls Love Engagement Rings So Much?

A beautiful engagement is almost every girl’s dream, and diamonds are undoubtedly the most popular stone for engagement rings. But how did a ring become so important, and why do girls love engagement rings so much?  

Girls love engagement rings because they symbolize commitment, love, and a new chapter in life. The ancient myth that a vein in the ring finger goes directly to the heart also gave it a romantic spin, making the ring valuable for girls. The ring is a celebration of what’s to come.   

Every girl has her preference regarding the ring’s style, stone, and size. Picking the right ring can add to the joy of proposing. This article explains why women place so much value on an engagement ring

What an Engagement Ring Means to a Woman

Engagement rings mean commitment, love, and a promise of marriage. 

They’re why getting an engagement ring is essential for a woman. It shows them that the man they love wants to build a life and family with them. It represents the first tangible step towards a life-long commitment.

Apart from a promise, an engagement ring means many other things to a woman.

  • It gives them a sense of security in a relationship. A woman who dates her boyfriend for several years and gets no ring may carry a sense of uncertainty. Without a ring to show commitment, a woman may hesitate to plan a future and family. The doubt that she may be wasting her time with the wrong guy will likely hover in her mind. A ring can put an end to these doubts.
  • It takes the social pressure off. Even if a woman is secure in her relationship, her peers, friends, and relatives can insinuate insecurity. Believe it or not, even in this time and age, a considerable percentage of people believe in “evidence of affection.” A ring is that evidence. It can save a woman from answering many unwanted questions. 
  • It can be a good investment. Though only a few women see their engagement rings as an investment, the ring can be profitable. Many women prefer vintage rings over new designs because of their value. But monetary value comes with high quality and rare stones in a ring.   

When Did an Engagement Ring Become a Thing?

The tradition of wearing an engagement ring goes way back to ancient Egypt. However, the ancient Romans started the trend of diamond rings. 

A diamond ring became a thing around 1477. The ring became “fidelity insurance.” It was a way to tell the world that the woman belonged to a man who put the ring on her finger. 

According to some claims, the first woman to receive an engagement ring was Mary of Burgundy from Austria’s Archduke Maximillian. The engagement ceremony took place in Vienna’s Imperial Court. Since then, the ring has become insurance and a promise. 

Even though it’s seen more than a macho claim today, the commitment factor remains the same. 

Why Did a Diamond Become the Preferred Stone for an Engagement Ring? 

As mentioned, a diamond ring meant ownership. But diamonds weren’t the most expensive stones for an engagement ring until years later. It became a tradition after De Beers launched a marketing campaign in 1948 with the slogan, “A Diamond is Forever.” 

The slogan symbolized a marriage that lasted forever, just like the diamond, making diamonds the most popular choice.

The stone is also famous for its brilliance, sparkle, and clarity. It’s also the most durable stone out there, so it only makes sense to use a stone that can literally last a lifetime

Another reason is the value of the stone. A diamond is expensive and valuable. So, for some women, a diamond reflects how their partner feels about them. 

What Other Stones Are Popular for Engagement Rings?

Even though diamonds are the most famous, you can use other gemstones as your ring’s centerpiece. The best example is the late Princess Diana’s ring, which now her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton wears. 

Diana’s ring has an 18-carat Ceylon sapphire in the center. Fourteen smaller diamonds surround the stone, making the ring unique. 

Other popular engagement ring stones are:

  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Topaz

Even diamonds are of different types. You can find black diamonds, yellow diamonds, and even pink diamonds. However, these colors are scarce and expensive. 

Why Do Most Engagement Rings Use a Round Cut for the Stone?

Most women prefer a round cut for the stones in their engagement ring, making it arguably the most famous shape. 

The shape isn’t just about tradition. It has a meaning. Since a circle has no end, a round engagement ring represents a never-ending love between two people. This adds sentimental value to the shape. 

As we know, a diamond is the most famous stone for an engagement ring. The round cut of a diamond engagement ring is the best cut to bring out the stone’s brilliance. So, the shape also impacts the aesthetics and quality of the ring.

Other popular engagement ring cuts are:

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Pear
  • Emerald
  • Marquise

Does the Size of an Engagement Ring Matter?

An engagement ring’s size refers to the size of the stone. The stone is usually a diamond. So, the bigger the size of the stone, the more expensive the ring is. Therefore, an engagement ring’s cost represents wealth and social status. 

So, the size of the ring is a matter of preference. Some women place great value in the size and shape of the ring, while others cherish it merely as a promise of marriage. 

However, wanting a bigger-sized ring isn’t always a materialistic factor. A ring representing a beautiful future must look the part by defining the value of the relationship. 


An engagement ring is more than just pretty jewelry for women. It represents a willingness to commit and a lifelong promise. It means so much to women because they see it as a confirmation of love and their partner’s desire to spend the rest of their lives together. 

By the way, no vein in the ring finger goes directly to your heart. It’s just a myth, but a romantic one for sure!

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