How Much Does It Cost To Get Screw Backs on Earrings?

The standard backing for a pair of earrings is a simple friction post, but they aren’t the most secure option and can result in a lost earring. Screw backs provide a more secure fit so that your earrings stay in place. Converting earring backings from friction to screw back is a viable option, but how much does it cost to get screw backs on earrings?

The cost of getting screw backs on earrings starts at around $70. This price will fluctuate depending on whether you choose precious metals or inexpensive alloys for your new backings. You can get a jeweler to install screw backs on your earring posts.

In this article, I will discuss the turnaround time you can expect for this service and how the cost is determined. I will also explain where to go to have earring posts converted to screw back posts and what this process entails. 

Estimating Cost and Turnaround Time to Install Screw Backs

Changing your earring’s backings requires patience, as certain factors affect the service’s cost and how much time it takes. You can send in one pair of earrings or several at once, but the latter will take longer to complete.

Expected Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for converting earring posts can range from two days to a week, possibly more. The actual length depends on how long it takes to get the metal post needed to complement your earrings, which the shop will order from a supplier if they don’t have it.

Some jewelers may keep screw backs on hand when you visit the shop. However, the inventory depends on the popularity of that specific style and the type of metal. If the screw backs you need are on hand, your turnaround time will be much faster.  

Determining the Cost 

The cost of converting your earring backings to screw backs primarily depends on the type of metal you need to match the earrings. Additionally, jewelers will charge for the labor involved in servicing your earrings. 

You can expect sterling silver screw backs to cost upwards of $70. If you pick a more valuable precious metal, such as gold or platinum, you can expect the price to cost much more than sterling silver backings. 

Conversely, the price of servicing screw backs for costume jewelry is much lower than those made from precious metals. This is because costume jewelry is made from inexpensive alloys such as brass and zinc. 

However, some people can have allergic reactions to certain metals. Check with your jeweler that the composition of the metal you request for your screw backs is safe for your skin.  

Where Can You Convert Your Earring Backs?

Local Jewelry Stores

You can visit any jewelry store to find out if they offer conversion services for earring backs. Some shops will fix them in-store, and others may offer to send them to a service center.

It’s a good idea to call around to different jewelers in your area for the pricing scales of your specific needs. 

Online Jewelry Repair Websites

Online jewelry repair websites also provide this service to their customers. All you need to do is complete their service repair page explaining what you need done and submit it. The retailer will contact you and instruct you on where to ship your earrings. 

Typically, the company will contact you during the process to be sure you are both on the same page with your order to ensure your satisfaction.

The Process To Convert Earring Backs to Screw Back Posts

This process is relatively easy for a jeweler to accomplish. The most challenging part is contacting their supplier to order the backs needed for your earrings, which can take some time. The process will be quick once they have the required material for your earrings.

Step-by-Step Guide for the Converting Process

Here’s how the process works:

  1. The jeweler will cut off the existing earring backs with wire-cutting pliers, a straightforward process that requires minimal effort.
  2. A solder or laser is used for welding the screw back where the previous post was positioned.
  3. Once the screw post is welded in place, any imperfections are polished off, and the earrings are disinfected thoroughly in an ultrasonic bath.

Costume jewelry and earrings with natural stones are the most complicated types of earrings to convert, though it’s still possible. These earrings can’t handle the heat from a solder or laser, so the processing time will vary as the jewels must be unset from the earrings first.

What To Expect With Screw Back Earrings

Screw back earrings may take some getting used to, from how they feel to how to put them in and take them out. Some people who try screw back earrings for the first time may find them slightly uncomfortable and difficult to manipulate.

While they differ from the more commonly used friction post earrings, changing them out will become relatively easy once you get used to them. One tip for putting them in and taking them out is to try to twist the earring itself instead of the backing. This may be easier for you. 

Reasons To Get Screw Backs 

There are many reasons you may want to change the posts of your earrings, including: 

  • Damaged or missing posts.
  • The friction back falls off too often.
  • You want a more secure fit.

These are all good reasons to have your earring backings converted to screw backs, as you won’t risk losing your studs. Since screw backs are very secure, you don’t have to worry about earrings falling off your ears.

If you live an active lifestyle, you won’t lose an earring during a run or any other physical activity if your earrings have screw backs. They are also great for children to not lose their earrings and reduce choking risks if the earring falls out and the child puts it in their mouth. 

Final Thoughts

Getting screw backs on your earrings typically costs below $100 for sterling silver studs and increases for more valuable metals such as gold and platinum. 

Although converting your earrings from friction back to screw back can be rather costly, it may be worth every penny. Worrying about losing a special pair of earrings won’t be a concern anymore.

A jeweler will convert your earring backings to screw backs and, as an added bonus, polish and clean your earrings before you pick them up.

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