Why Are Engagement Rings So Cheap on Etsy?

Etsy is the home for all things handmade, vintage, and chic. These are items you typically wouldn’t find in large malls or commercial establishments. The sellers on the marketplace sell an array of items, including engagement rings, at a considerably cheaper price.

Etsy’s engagement rings are cheap because they don’t have branding and production costs like brick-and-mortar jewelry stores. The price disparity is substantial and can lead one to doubt the authenticity of the rings, but it depends on the seller you buy from. 

There isn’t one answer to this disparity in price, but many factors fall into the subsidized price, factors I’ll discuss below, and also offer suggestions on how to detect inauthentic rings online.

Should You Buy a Ring From Etsy?

Yes and no. You can buy a ring from Etsy, but you’ll have to be more vigilant than you normally would in a high-end or reputable jewelry shop.

Etsy is an online marketplace that brings together sellers from all over the world, selling mostly handmade and vintage/craft items. The site is popular for having beautiful and unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

Etsy’s Buyer Policy

As stated in Etsy’s buyer policy, the company is not liable or responsible for any items sold on their marketplace. This says that you are on your own, and your purchase decision falls entirely on you. 

This policy doesn’t give buyers much confidence in the items they purchase, but there are other ways one can vet the fake from the authentic on the site. Read on and find out how you can make a successful purchase of a ring from Etsy. 

Look Out for Reviews

Etsy has a good membership community that is close-knit. You may find the right Etsy member to ask about a particular seller if you are considering purchasing from them.

You can also read buyer’s reviews of the particular ring or even the rings of the seller’s shop as a whole. Remember, you are not the only nervous buyer on Etsy. There’s a whole community leaving reviews that will guide your decision.

Pricing on Etsy

You can get a ring on Etsy for as little as $400. That’s vastly cheap compared to what jewelry brands like Cartier or Tiffany and Co. charge. This could imply that the rings are not made with genuine material.

It’s important to note that high-end stores have a pricing policy based on brand, among other considerations. These brands sell affinity or aspiration, and these things don’t come cheap. These stores purchase their rings from the best suppliers but also include a huge markup.

Whereas with Etsy, you are dealing with independent sellers who price solely on products and have no rich brand elements that justify their price points. Additionally, the labor used could be cheap, with many suppliers working on their products themselves rather than outsourcing labor.

Ask for a Ring License

This is due diligence made by almost all jewelry stores. Before you go ahead and make a huge purchase, like buying a diamond ring, you should get proof that you are purchasing the real deal.

You may request a seller on Etsy to provide this. Some may be able to, and others might not. But the option is available for some sellers. That should give you a little more comfort before you purchase an engagement ring. 

Find Out the Seller’s Return Policy

Every seller has a policy under the shipping and policies tab. If you find that the store is flexible and can offer returns for dissatisfied customers, then you could opt to purchase from them. Making sure you understand the seller’s policies allows you to make more informed decisions.

Message the Seller

To help you be more confident in your decision, message the seller. Ask all your burning questions like resizing the ring, the type of stone/material on the ring, product guarantee, and everything in between. If the rings are authentic, they should have no problem with these questions. 

Your Fiancée’s Taste

As I stated before, Etsy items are vintage and crafty. Bohemian chic-styled items are what rule this marketplace. If this isn’t your style, then you probably shouldn’t buy your ring on the site. Even if you purchase an authentic diamond engagement ring, make sure it’s the right one!

Key Considerations When Buying an Engagement Ring

Whether you are buying a ring from a brick-and-mortar store or online. There are some key considerations to examine before you make a purchase. 

The suggestions below will aid you when making your purchase.

  • Your fiancée’s ring size. You don’t want to be proposing with an ill-fitted ring so find out the size before visiting the jeweler. You can use one of the rings they wear as your reference.
  • Your fiancée’s style. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, or emerald. What type of stone best represents your future partner’s preferences? 
  • The 4Cs. Rings have what they call the 4Cs. That is color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1953, these 4Cs determine the quality of the ring.
  • Diamond certificate. This certificate validates the authenticity of the ring being bought by using a measurement of the 4Cs. The certificate can be obtained from GIA.
  • Gold or platinum coating. This will lay heavily on stylistic preferences. Take a closer look at your fiancé’s jewelry and determine which of the two they may appreciate more. Platinum is more solid and sturdy, but also gold is a good option.
  • Jewelry insurance. Some jewelers offer this service which is different from the warranty. This insures your ring in case it gets stolen or damaged. If you are spending a lot of money, it’s wise to buy a ring that comes with this insurance.
  • Shape and style. Engagement rings take form in different shapes, from round and oval to square, and are also designed in modern, vintage, or classic settings. 


Engagement rings are a life-long investment; therefore, you must buy a ring your partner will love and appreciate. Online buying, while very simple, can be daunting if you don’t know what to look out for.

Remember, not all Etsy sellers are legitimate, and therefore you must do your due diligence before purchasing. Otherwise, stick to a physical licensed store where you can get to see the ring before purchase.

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