Are Shared Prong Rings Durable? 6 Things To Know

A shared prong ring is a type of engagement or wedding ring that features two or more stones set in a single setting, with a single prong holding the stones together. The central stone of the shared prong ring is typically larger than the side stones, creating an eye-catching look.

Shared prong rings are durable because they use sturdy metal prongs, larger diamonds that don’t fall off, and are easy to repair, tightly secured, and incredibly versatile. The grooves are precisely cut to position the stones and give more display than any setting.

If you are considering investing in a shared prong ring for your engagement, wedding, or special anniversary gift, this article is for you. I’ll explain how long these timeless classics last and why they’re so durable.

6 Reasons Why Shared Prong Rings Are Durable

If you’re looking to invest in a shared prong ring, below are some reasons it’s durable.

1. Shared Prong Rings Use Durable Metal Prongs

The metal prongs in shared prong rings are anchors that securely hold a stone in place. The metal prongs’ quality and shape are essential for their durability, as they need to provide enough support while still allowing light to pass through and showcase each diamond.

Each diamond is encapsulated in a round metal band that blocks its sides, ensuring it is completely secured.

The prongs should be made from high-quality metals such as platinum, gold, or palladium to ensure they stay strong and don’t bend over time. Metal prongs are popular in shared prong rings due to their strength and reliability. They also offer a good amount of light exposure for each diamond.

Metal prongs are less susceptible to bending backward and loosening, which makes the ring more durable and long-lasting.

2. Shared Prongs Use Larger Diamonds

Shared prong settings often feature just one row of diamonds set next to each other with the same number of prongs. They require larger diamonds to eliminate the need for a prong at every point where the stones meet, creating a more balanced look when wearing multiple rings.

Instead of using individual prongs for each gemstone, shared prongs hold multiple stones in a single setting. This design allows for interesting patterns like florals or concentric circles that are impossible to achieve with individual prong settings.

The use of shared prongs provides an even more durable setting than individual prongs, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Secondly, the shared prong setting provides symmetry that secures larger stones while allowing for maximum brilliance and sparkle. Jewelers often use shared prong settings for larger diamonds. Therefore, they require more metal to accommodate and hold the diamonds. 

3. Shared Prongs Are Easy To Repair

Shared prong rings are relatively easy to repair. If the stones become loose due to normal wear and tear, a jeweler can usually tighten them without having to replace any of the stones. A jeweler can easily resize or polish the ring and restore it to its original condition. 

In some cases, more serious damage may occur, such as chips in the gemstones, requiring more extensive repairs. Additionally, if the metal band becomes damaged, a jeweler may be able to repair or replace the entire ring.

No matter what type of diamond setting you choose, it’s important to inspect your ring to ensure the prongs remain secure and that no stones have come loose. Regular inspections can ensure your ring stays in excellent condition for many years.

4. Shared Prong Rings Use Multiple Secure Prongs

Although prongs can get damaged over time, a shared prong setting is still extremely sturdy. Unlike other rings, the diamonds in shared prong rings are held in place by multiple prongs instead of just one and are much less likely to become loose or fall out of the setting.

The multiple prongs evenly distribute pressure, making it difficult for any stones to come loose or fall out. Shared prong rings have prongs surrounding the stones, holding them in place from every side.

Multiple prongs on the ring provide added protection for your diamonds. They work together to secure the stones and reduce the risk of any accidental damage or loss.

Furthermore, shared prong settings protect against dirt, dust, and other debris that could accumulate in and around the stone. This protection prevents the stones from getting damaged by dirt.

However, if your jewelry becomes dirty, you should use gentle cleaning methods to remove the dirt or take it to a professional cleaner.

5. Versatility

In addition to being secure, shared prong rings also offer more design options for customizing the look of your ring. Prongs can come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to customize your ring.

Shared prong rings feature a single row of diamonds, each held in place by two or more metal prongs, allowing for multiple design possibilities. For example, you can add accent gems, use varying stone shapes, and shift gemstone arrangements.

With shared prong rings, the entire diamond or stone can be showcased to its fullest extent — perfect for those wanting to make a bold statement with their ring.

In addition, prong settings are incredibly versatile because they work with various cuts. Some of the cuts include princess, emerald, pear, and brilliant.

6. Shared Prong Rings Fuse the Prongs at the Base

Shared prong rings take advantage of a unique design that maximizes the light that enters and exits the diamonds. This special setting involves fusing the prongs of two separate stones at their base, which gives them an almost invisible appearance from the side view.

The result is a seamless look that increases the space for light to pass through the diamonds. With fewer obstructions in its path, more light can enter and exit each stone, creating visibility and promoting durability.

The fused prongs allow the distribution of the diamonds’ weight across multiple prongs. This balance reduces the chances of one of the prongs becoming weaker over time due to excess weight or pressure placed on it.

This special setting helps the shared prong rings offer a higher level of brilliance and shine than any other ring setting.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, shared prong rings are an excellent choice for an elegant and durable ring option. You can wear the ring for many years without noticeable wear or tear. Their interlocking design prevents the stones from moving and becoming loose over time. 

Henceforth, your ring will stay shining and sparkling for years. Consider a shared prong setting if you want a durable and long-lasting ring.

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