How To Announce Engagement When You Don’t Have a Ring

You have probably encountered adorable and tear-jacking engagement proposals, whether on social media or in real life. Usually, these proposals involve one partner on one knee with a ring in tow. But how about situations where there’s no ring?

To announce an engagement when you don’t have a ring, you can make a short video, send an e-card, throw an engagement party, or use creative props. You don’t often see many proposals without rings, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your special news with the world. 

If you are not traditional about proposals or your ring is simply stuck at the jeweler, these suggestions below will guide you through a daunting experience and ensure your announcement hits the mark, all the while making it a memorable one.  

1. Make a Short Video

Announcing your engagement via video will serve you tremendously. It provides an opportunity for loved ones near and far away to share in this important moment in your life. Through video, they can virtually join in on the joy and excitement of being part of this new chapter in your relationship. Plus, it will capture your sincere emotions accurately.

Record a short and cute message on your phone and send it out to friends and family. You may choose to have your hand down the entire time to avoid people from prying with questions about the ring. This puts the pressure off you and leaves people guessing.

Depending on how far you have gone with the wedding preparations, you can choose to spice up the news and have the video double up as a save-the-date video which concretizes your engagement even more.

How To Propose to Your Partner With No Ring

Making an announcement is only the second half of the race, how about the first one, the proposal? Proposing to someone is one of the most vulnerable things you’ll ever do, and not having a ring to smoothen things heightens the stakes. 

The following tips should assist with planning your proposal, plus, if your heart is in the right place with the right person, this will be a walk-over. 

  • Use a temporary ring: The cute plastic-colored rings you probably got as promise rings as a kid can be a good option. Your life partner should be able to understand that it’s the thought that counts, especially if you plan on getting the real one later.
  • Make use of props: You can use flowers, a ring box, or even get more creative and use your dog to carry a love note around its neck, which has the question. All these gestures will make your partner feel special even with no ring.
  • Use your words: You cannot go wrong with well-thought-out lines professing your love and popping the question. Over a romantic dinner setting, pen something special and make it extra sentimental, pointing out things only the two of you would know. 
  • Special surprise proposal: Plan an elaborate and thoughtful proposal dinner. You may skip inviting friends and family to take the pressure off not having a ring, but a candle-lit dinner, with the right mood, will set off a good space for you to pop the question.

I have only touched the surface of what you can do to propose without a ring. This article suggests more elaborate ways on how best to propose to your partner.

Engagements are a two-way experience. Therefore, you need to understand your partner when planning this memorable occasion. You must keep your partner in mind and respond to the cues or hints they might have dropped on how they hope to be proposed to. 

2. Throw an Engagement Party

Nothing says engaged like an engagement party, whether there’s a ring or not. This party could be glamorous or low-key, as long as all the important people are present. Throwing a party is a great way to inform everyone of your new life venture.  

You may hear some questions, especially from the ladies who may want to gush the ring, but be honest and explain why there’s no ring and move along. If you are secure, everyone will fall in line. Plus, It’s a party, and people are having too much fun to be bothered by the ring. 

3. Use Creative Props

Since a ring is essentially a prop or a symbolic representation of your proposal, using other props to publicize the engagement will work effectively. Remember, the more creative, the better.

Take pictures of yourself with cardboard that reads, “I said yes,” or “she said yes,” or post a cute picture of you sipping coffee from a mug that has “I said yes” inscribed on it. Everyone will get the message when you post this image on your social media. 

It could even be a picture of you at a wedding dress shop with a witty caption that eludes to you getting married. These creative ideas will pass on the message without you having to show off the ring.

4. Announce Your Engagement With an E-card

Hire a professional graphic designer to make you an E-card announcing the engagement. This card will have a picture of both of you smiling and no indication of whether or not you have a ring since it’s not in the picture. 

Plus, this could be a Save-The-Date E-card or printed cards. This solidifies the news of the engagement and minimizes the questions about the ring since a Save-The-Date Card is enough proof of your commitment and a date set in stone.


For some people, proposals are monumental occasions, so a ring would be a requirement for a successful proposal. Your loved ones could be the traditional kind, so they might not understand why you are engaged with no ring.

For some partners, a ring doesn’t hold a lot of sentiment, and they choose to focus more on the fact that they are getting married, which helps them block outside noise.

Still, there are many ways to propose and announce your engagement without a ring — all it takes is some creativity and planning.

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